What is the design build approach?

The traditional project delivery method used by general contractors and architects is the design-bid-build. This approach to a major home construction means finding an architect and a designer and first paying them to develop plans and designs. This is all while having no idea how much it all might actually cost to build. After the plans are completed, as the home owner you are now responsible for finding qualified contractors to bid on the plans produced, hoping they will take time to quote competitively to offer you a reasonable price.

In this case, design and construction services are split into separate entities, separate contracts, and inevitably separate jobs entirely. The owner must manage two separate contracts and liaison between designer and contractor. You will be responsible for settling disputes between designer and contractor, designer and subtrades, subtrade and contractor, etc. This also leaves opportunity for each party to blame each other, leaving you, the client to deal with it.

Our design build process means one entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. During the construction phase, you will be dealing with Justin and Emily, the same people who were there at the beginning of the design and planning process. With the whole team working together in the same company there is no risk of misunderstandings or conflicts as the project moves from concept to completion. This is compared to the adversarial atmosphere that can occur with design-bid-build when all parties have different agendas.

A great set of plans and design are only valuable if they are feasible, so we develop the project scope and design with the cost as a defining factor. Emily knows her team and understands construction. From the outset of the project, both design and construction expertise is brought to bear upon all components of the project. We budget allowances and offer help to source beautiful and affordable equipment, fixtures, and finishes. Our industry contacts allow us to provide you products at lower pricing as well. Often we can source valuable budget friendly selections from our trusted suppliers. Another thing you wouldn’t be getting with a traditional approach.

Timelines are also significantly improved using the design build method as well. The process is much smoother, as the client is not spending time screening first and architect, then designer, and finally a contractor. Aside from this, the project delivery is streamlined and less likely to suffer delays during construction. As the design is being developed, Justin has lead time to organize the project to ensure we are ready to begin on the desired start date. Lastly, having an in house designer and project manager means we can get solutions to inevitable design questions and issues that arise and keep the project moving.

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