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How to Keep Your Kitchen Remodel Under Budget

Regardless of how much you plan on spending during your kitchen renovation project, it’s always a bonus if you can come in under the planned budget. However, it may take a bit of time and energy on your part as you’ll need to do a bit of comparison shopping to get the best deals available. Another key factor will be the specific type of materials used for items such as cabinets, countertops and flooring. If you opt for custom designs then your costs will certainly be harder to keep down.

If you’ve received a kitchen remodeling estimate that seems just a little out of your price range there are several ways to bring renovation costs down. For instance, you can paint your existing cabinets rather than replacing them while still having enough money to purchase new appliances and countertops. If you take the time to shop around when it comes to both labour and materials you’ll find there’s usually a great variance in cost. This means you can save money on the renovation if you plan on doing it yourself or hiring a professional contractor.  Contractors can often get a better price on materials and appliances than you can on your own.

You may find it’s less expensive to hire a general contractor to complete the entire project or it may be easier on the pocketbook if you hire different people for different tasks, though you will become the general contractor at this point, which can lead to mistakes and cost overruns if you do not have experience managing a renovation project. Either way, be sure you know exactly what’s included when hiring outside help regarding labour, materials, and guarantees on the work. A great deal of money can be saved if you don’t move your gas and plumbing lines so keep this in mind when planning your kitchen renovation.

Shop around

It’s highly recommended that you shop around to compare prices for materials and appliances since you might be surprised what you find. You may want to check out popular online selling ventures such as Craigslist and eBay as well as your local big box and hardware stores. However, you may also want to inquire with local tradesmen such as cabinetmakers and fabricators. They may have materials left over from some of their previous jobs which they may be willing to sell at greatly reduced price.

Be flexible

When it comes to materials you may save a substantial amount if you’re willing to be flexible. You’ll find that you may be able to achieve the same overall look of the kitchen even when substituting less-expensive materials. This is especially true when it comes to countertops and flooring since it’s often hard to tell the difference between real granite and hardwood flooring and less-expensive laminate materials and porcelain. In addition, a fresh coat of paint can often breathe new life into your cabinetry and is certainly less expensive. Don’t be afraid to consider alternative designs and materials. Naturally expensive materials such as marble definitely look good, but they also wear out over time when compared to less expensive quartz. If you can get the same look for your kitchen at a better price per square foot, then it may pay to be flexible.

Trust your instincts

Don’t be afraid to choose your own materials instead of depending on the contractor to do it for you. While a contractor can offer great advice based on experience, nobody has a better idea of what you’re looking for when dealing with appliances, flooring, lighting, cabinets, and countertops etc. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs. Go with your instincts and don’t make your choices strictly based on the name of the brand, especially when it comes to cabinets and appliances. There’s no point paying more for the name only especially if the warranties are the same. Also, keep your eye out for sales at local stores and online when comparing appliances.

Do as much work as possible

Even if you’re not the best handyman or woman around there are likely some tasks you’ll be able to do on your own. This will cut down on labour costs and if worst comes to worst you can have the contractor help you out. You may be able to paint, assemble cabinets and do some demolition work like tearing out your old cabinets.  Just bear in mind that your kitchen renovation project may not turn out as professional looking as you hoped when compared to having a professional contractor do the work for you.

In the long run, you’re more likely to stay within or under your budget if you plan ahead and put some effort into research and comparison shopping. As your kitchen renovation progresses you may see several opportunities to save money compared to your original budget.


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Kitchen renovation project in Toronto

What Are the Steps In a Kitchen Renovation Project?

Kitchen renovations are very popular with homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area and below you’ll find the most important steps regarding the project. However, before you get started on your kitchen renovation project, it’s recommended that you be sure to apply for the necessary building permits. In addition, you’ll also need to decide if you want to hire a contractor or do the work yourself. If performing the renovation yourself you may want to buy all of your materials first.

1-Kitchen Design

Kitchen design in Toronto
You need a basic idea of what you plan on doing to your kitchen rather than just winging it as you go along. You need to have some type of plan in place so you know exactly what you’re going to fix up or replace. There are also some common design plans to choose from, such as the L-Shape, Double-L, Corridor, One-Wall, and U-Shape designs. If you need more information or help to design your kitchen you’ll find there are kitchen-design software programs to help you out as well as articles, books, and magazines etc. of course, you can always hire a professional kitchen designer for assistance.


Kitchen Demolition
In some cases, the homeowner may want to demolish an existing wall or countertops etc. when renovating the kitchen. But be aware that some materials in the kitchen may be hazardous such as asbestos and lead-based paint and will need to be handled very carefully when being disposed of.

3-Repairing and Building

removing kitchen windows
The renovation may include some major construction work such as removing, replacing or adding windows as well knocking down a wall or two.

4-Electrical and Plumbing

Kitchen plumbing
Unless you’re very handy, you’ll likely need some professional help when it comes to any electrical and plumbing work that’s needed. There’s a good chance that new drainage and supply piping will need to be installed for the refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink. In addition, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper type of electrical-service requirements for your appliances and lighting. In some cases, new wiring and circuits could be needed for the kitchen.


Kitchen Drywall
The exterior walls of the kitchen can be insulated when it’s easier to access the wall cavities. When the electrical system is in place the walls can be closed up with drywall and joint compound. When they’ve dried, they can be primed and then painted. You can also paint the ceiling if needed.


kitchen flooring
It’s best to complete all of the heavy construction work and painting before completing the floor and baseboards. There are several types of popular kitchen flooring to choose from such as vinyl, cork, engineered wood, laminate, and tile with vinyl being the quickest and least expensive to install.

7-Cabinets, Countertops, and Backsplash

Kitchen cabinets Toronto
Installing countertops, a backsplash, and hanging cabinets usually take one or two days. You can choose from a variety of countertop materials such as marble, granite, ceramic tile, Corian, Formica, and Silestone. Be sure that the countertops are level when installing them.

8-Appliances, Fixtures, and Sinks

kitchen appliance packages : nrys Samsung Kitchen Suite
The last leg of your kitchen renovation will include the installation of the appliances, sinks, and fixtures etc. The plumbing has been roughed in already and you can now install and connect everything and hook up the dishwasher. You’ll also need to tidy up by reinstalling things such as light covers, cabinet knobs, outlet covers and HVAC filters etc.


kitchen paint touchup
You may need to do some touch-up painting here and there on the walls once the renovation has been completed and everything is in place.

10-Clean Up

kitchen cleanup renovations
Be sure all of the materials have been properly disposed of according to your local bylaws. You can now make sure your new kitchen is as clean as can be and start enjoying it.

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Eight Upgrades to Bring Your Kitchen Back to Life

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most popular room of the home to upgrade since that’s where the majority of their housework, social entertaining and gatherings take place. However, in most cases, renovating a kitchen doesn’t mean tearing the existing one down and starting from scratch unless it’s absolutely necessary. Below are the top eight items you may want to consider when upgrading your kitchen without it costing an arm and a leg.

1-Cabinets and hardware
You may decide to paint or reface your cabinets instead of replacing them. If the doors are in decent shape then this is a good cost-effective option. The hardware can be taken off, any holes can be filled and the cupboard exteriors and cabinets can then be spray painted. This choice will be significantly less expensive than replacing the cabinets and it can still change the overall feel and look of the kitchen. In addition, you can also replace trim or mouldings if you’d like to modernize them. If your cabinet hardware is dated it can easily be replaced for a reasonable price. It can be modernized with pewter pulls or stainless steel handles as they’re usually sold in packages.

Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

If your countertops are stained, chipped or simply out of fashion they can easily be updated. Many homeowners prefer to go with laminate countertops in relatively neutral colours or shades such as gray, brown, black or taupe as a backdrop for the cabinets. If you’d prefer to have a more high-end kitchen, you may want to install a marble, quartz or granite countertop at a higher price. If you’re selling the home, buyers are typically more attracted to neutral settings.

New countertops in Toronto

The floor of the kitchen is basically the anchor space and it has to fit in effortlessly with the rest of the room by tying everything together. For resale value, a neutral-coloured floor usually works best in either hardwood or ceramic tiling. A laminate floor is also a fine option in some cases, but usually not if you intend on selling the home or raising its value.

New kitchen flooring toronto

Brass-trimmed lights and fluorescent panels are quite popular when kitchen lighting is being upgraded as they generally add some style to the room. In addition, modernized track-lighting can highlight and brighten things such as the cooking area and countertops.

Kitchen lighting toronto

5-Sinks and Faucets
There’s not really much point spending a lot of your renovation budget on a sink. They should match the faucets and fit in with everything else, especially the countertops, but buyers aren’t usually too fussy when it comes to sinks. You’ll be fine as long as everything is cohesive. For high-end kitchens, upgraded stylish faucets are generally recommended, but you can often find some good-looking, modern faucets for less than $200 for any size and style of kitchen.

Kitchen faucets

The appliances can often make or break the kitchen. Yes, they need to be pleasing to the eye, but they also need to be clean, functional and it good working condition, especially when selling your home. It’s also important that the appliances match. You don’t really want a green oven, a black fridge and a yellow dishwasher for example. Buyers often prefer black or stainless steel appliances, so you may want to keep that in mind when renovating. It’s also important that the appliances fit the kitchen space properly. You shouldn’t try to squeeze something into an area if it’s too big and vice versa. It’s recommended that you measure the spaces in the kitchen and install the appliances and stove fan-hood which will fit nicely into them.

New kitchen appliances

Backsplashes are also becoming popular installations during kitchen upgrades as they basically connect the base and upper cabinets. These should also be neutral if you plan on selling soon such as taupe and white. There are numerous materials and textures to choose from with high-end kitchens often going with stone, metal, glass or wood etc.

New kitchen backplashes toronto

8-The Colour
If you plan on keeping your home you have endless options when it comes to the colour of the kitchen as it’s basically your personal preference. However, if you plan on selling then you may want to go with a neutral tone. This can easily be achieved with minimal cost by giving your kitchen a brand new coat of paint.

New kitchen colors toronto

To get an idea on how much a kitchen renovation project costs, you can check out this article on kitchen renovation costs.  For more information and assistance on kitchen and other quality home upgrades in the Greater Toronto Area, please contact us at your convenience at York Construction Company.

Kitchen Remodeling Project in Toronto


Many homeowners who are interested in remodeling their kitchen don’t always know exactly where to start. For some people, remodeling a kitchen could be a major job as it entails a complete overhaul of the existing appliances and décor while for others it’s a relatively small endeavor. Either way, kitchens are one of the most popular rooms for a family to renovate. For the handyman or woman who can do the work themselves, the cost of renovating will certainly be lower (but obviously a lot more work) than those who plan on hiring a professional contractor for their kitchen renovation project.

Know your Kitchen Renovation Budget

But before you look for outside assistance or start the project yourself, there are a few things you should consider. The best way to get started is to come up with a financial budget and decide how much you’d like to spend. You need to be realistic when setting your budget and not opt to price everything as if you will get it on sale or at a rock bottom price. It’s a good idea to research the prices of items you’ll need. This can be done by visiting local kitchen appliance and goods stores and/or checking out costs via the internet.  Most contractors can get appliances at a better price through trade pricing discounts offered to them.

Of course, you’ll have to decide exactly what appliances and materials you require for your renovation job before researching their prices and don’t forget delivery costs and taxes. Also, when trying to calculate your budget it’s usually a good idea to add on approximately another 10 percent for any unforeseen costs. If you plan on hiring a contractor to help out you’ll need to find out how much they charge for labour and ask for an estimate on the job.

Toronto Kitchen Renovations

Budget For Quality Appliances and Materials

You should always be looking for the best quality appliances and materials as long as they fit into your budget. You may be tempted to try and save a few dollars here and there, but may regret it in the long run since you need top-of-the-line, functional items. In addition, try to stick to your shopping list and don’t be tempted to buy anything you don’t really need. If you start to stray from the necessities you may quickly end up spending more than you planned on.

The main objective of a kitchen is to be both functional and practical in nature and you need to remember this when considering your renovations. Many homeowners like to arrange their refrigerator, stove and sink in the classic triangular pattern since these are the three most-used items in a kitchen. This is considered by many to be the best setup since it allows you to do most of your kitchen chores in one concentrated area which saves both time and unnecessary movement.

However, if you’re used to having more than one person preparing things in the kitchen at once, you may want to consider adding an additional workstation if you have the time and budget. You could incorporate an island or perhaps acquire a wheeled cart which can be packed away when not using it to wheel around the kitchen. If you’re hiring a contractor they will make sure the kitchen is safely planned out, but it will be up to you to design the room for convenience.

It’s recommended that you have approximately 36 inches of counter space to prepare your food with at least 18 inches of space on one side of the sink and 24 inches on the opposite side of it. You can certainly increase this space if you have the room. In addition, remember to leave enough floor space in the front of the kitchen appliances so you still have room to walk in front of them when their doors are open. In general, 30 to 48 inches is usually enough space. You also need to have about 42 inches of space between an island and the counters so people can get past them.

How you allocate your budget will be entirely up to you and will depend on the exact specifics of your remodeling project. You’ll probably want to consider things such as flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, electrical work, appliances and the sink etc. Just make sure you have a plan and a budget in place before getting underway rather than winging it as you go along.

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Kitchen Remodeling Costs Toronto


The average kitchen remodel usually falls in the range of $10,000 – $30,000 CAD.

The cost of remodelling a kitchen will generally depend on the quality of materials you plan on using, the size of the room and whether or not you decide on changing the layout. But on average, a Canadian homeowner can usually complete the job for somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000. Of course, you may be able to remodel your kitchen for more or less than these figures depending on the specifics involved. In general, most remodelling jobs involve painting the walls and ceiling, refacing or replacing the cabinets and countertops, replacing the faucets and sink, flooring work, and upgrading the appliances.

If you’re going to be replacing cabinets, lighting, plumbing, faucets, and appliances as well as and granite counters and hardwood floors then the costs could be on the high side of average. The price you want to pay for remodelling a kitchen will depend entirely on you since there are so many options available. For example, you need to decide if you want prefab or custom cabinets and what material they’re going to be made of. The same goes for the countertops as you can choose from options such as laminate, vinyl, tile, quartz, Formica, Corian, and granite etc.

Kitchen Remodeling Job Toronto


And let’s not forget the kitchen appliances. The cost will depend on whether you’re looking for high-end, state-of-the-art appliances or simple, lower-end models and if you’re going to be selling your current appliances. In addition, are you going to keep the present flooring and will you need any type of electrical and plumbing work done? There are several details that can affect the price of remodelling a kitchen, including, of course, smaller accessories such as a tile backsplash, faucets, handles etc.

It’s estimated that cabinets can take up approximately 30 per cent of the total cost of a kitchen renovation so you may want to save some money by installing stock kitchen cabinets instead of custom models. If your kitchen is on the small side you may be able to renovate it for between $5,000 and $15,000, but we’ll focus on an average-sized kitchen which will cost from $10,000 to $30,000 to remodel.

Generally, if you’re spending from $10,000 to $30,000 on your renovation you’ll be able to install custom cabinets, higher-grade countertops, change the flooring and consider installing a kitchen island as well as higher-quality appliances. You could also add an appliance or two. For example, if you don’t own an automatic dishwasher this could be the perfect time to add one.

One thing to be aware, especially in older homes, are repairs and upgrades needed for plumbing and electrical. Your plumbing might have leaks, wiring might not be up to code or may need to be upgraded.  Sometimes these can be unforeseen costs that can add to your overall budget.  If you watch any home renovation shows on TV, you see that this happens quite often.

Toronto kitchen remodeling project - York Construction

The only way to truly calculate the cost of remodelling your kitchen is to take the time to plan it out properly and professionally. You’ll need to calculate the costs of the materials and appliances and ask for an estimate if you’re going to be using professional help. You’ll need to discuss your plans with a contractor and find out if any plumbing and/or electrical work needs to be performed. It’s also a good idea to contact two or three different contractors for estimates as the costs could vary quite a bit.

In addition, don’t forget to look over all the options available when it comes to the appliances and the materials used in the flooring, cabinets, and countertops. It’s always a good idea to overestimate the cost of your renovation by a few thousand dollars just in case something costs more than you calculated. Be sure to ask your contractor for a written estimate as well as a timeline on the job and what kind of guarantee they offer on their work.

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