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Bathroom Renovation Toronto
Bathroom Renovation Project in Toronto

Bathroom Renovation Greater Toronto Area

York Construction Company specializes in Bathroom Renovation projects in Greater Toronto area. Whether you want to upgrade your master bathroom suite on a budget or you wish to design a luxurious, spa like retreat, our team of highly skilled renovation experts can provide you with everything you need to design and execute your next bathroom renovation project. For a FREE consultation  call 905-378-3379 or contact us here.

Is Bathroom Renovation Really Necessary?

The combination of heat and moisture causes the tiling and fixtures to deteriorate prematurely resulting in a bathroom that looks run-down. This is a room that you want to go to and relax at the end of a hard day’s work. You can’t do this if it looks less than stellar. A small upgrade can make all the difference! New floor and wall tiles, modern sink and shower fittings or re-polished cabinets can transform a dated bathroom into one that looks modern, refreshing and inviting. Sometimes, all it takes is one little tweak.

Another compelling benefit of bathroom renovation is that it increases the value of your home substantially. A worn out, grimy bathroom can be an instant turn off for prospective buyers but a small investment in bathroom remodelling can give you fantastic returns by way of a higher selling price.

Bathroom Renovation Is Not A DIY Project

Renovating the bathroom is not the same as renovating any other room. You can spruce up the look of most other rooms with a fresh coat of paint or simply by changing the wallpaper and upholstery. A bathroom remodel is not so simple. In fact, renovating a bathroom can be downright complex.

To do a proper, long-lasting bathroom renovation job, you need to have thorough knowledge of plumbing. Damaging the plumbing is the last thing you want to do. You also need to familiar with electrical components to be able to tackle the heating elements such as geysers or if you want to install specialised lighting for shaving.

Moreover, you want to make sure that the finished job is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Accomplishing all of these complex tasks requires the skills and expertise of an experienced professional.

Why York Construction Company?

York Construction Company is a leading bathroom renovation company in the Greater Toronto area. We are licensed, bonded and insured contractors with a reputation for uphold professional standards in all aspects.

We first offer a free consultation in order to assess your remodeling requirements and give you an estimate. You are under no obligation to pay for this initial assessment. Once we take on a job, we guarantee your full satisfaction. We also take care of obtaining all necessary permits and inspections so you don’t have to.

Bathroom Renovation Jobs That We Cover

Our highly qualified and trained team can cover the full spectrum of specific bathroom renovation tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Removing the old floor and installing new tile, vinyl or wood flooring
  • Tiling the walls, shower and around the sink
  • Installing any type of tub including deep-soaking and Jacuzzi tubs
  • Installing any type of shower stalls, shower curtain rods and bath accessory insets
  • Removing and replacing the commode
  • Re-routing electrical cables if necessary
  • Upgrading old faucets, sinks, shower heads and drains
  • Renovating the existing vanity or install a new one
  • Installing high-efficiency fans for improved ventilation

In addition to the functional aspects, we also take care of those numerous smaller details that go into creating a space that is both practical and good looking. We have access to a wide selection of materials and amenities and ensure that we use the best quality. We know that buying quality means not needing to replace anything for a long time.

Call York Construction Company for Your Bathroom Renovation Today

Regardless of the stage you are at with your bathroom design in the Greater Toronto Area, York Construction Company can help.

If you are a new homeowner just starting to brainstorm a design for their dream bathroom, York Construction Company can assist you with design, lay-out and execution.

If you are a homeowner looking to extend or renovate an existing bathroom, we offer invaluable advice and input that will help your vision of the perfect bathroom fit perfectly within your budget.

With several years of experience behind us, we have the diverse skills necessary to handle all kinds of bathroom renovation projects from start to finish. Call us today at 905-378-3379 or contact us here for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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